Mobile Rideshare Program

portfolio_pickup-palPickup Pal connects thousands of drivers and passengers around the world, forming a new transportation marketplace. The eco-friendly service integrates with the most popular social networking tools, making it easier for people to share rides with others who have similar interests or with whom they are already connected via colleagues or friends.


Pickup Pal has thousands of members worldwide who are on the go.  The company has been highly successful in connecting drivers and those looking for rides through their website. Because their members are not always in front of their PC, Pickup Pal saw a need for a mobile app that could further extend the convenience and reach of their ride-share program, making it even more valuable to members.


Intelliware was chosen to build a custom iPhone® app for Pickup Pal.  The app was developed in a way that it takes full advantage of the device’s capabilities such as GPS, mapping, texting and intuitive user interface to connect drivers with passengers who are looking to find rides.

It was important not to just duplicate the Pickup Pal website on the iPhone.  Certain considerations such as how information is accessed and presented had to be taken into account.  Intelliware provided design and flow recommendations to optimize the Pickup Pal experience for the iPhone to create a slick user interface leveraging Pickup Pal’s branding.

The design also had to consider the underlying architecture required to deliver functionality with maximum utility for Pickup Pal members.  Since the rideshare program relies on real-time data to match drivers with riders, streamlined APIs were used to enable the app to retrieve data in the most efficient way – minimizing wait time for the information to be available and presenting the information in a way that best suits the device’s form factor.

The Pickup Pal app enables members to filter and view their matches, send and receive messages, exchange information among members, and view a record of all trips logged.  It is customizable for personal preferences, allowing users to choose the default screen to what they use the most. To streamline the user experience, the app pre-populates the date, user’s location and provides interactive maps.

Another convenient feature lets members use Facebook® to login to the app, thereby avoiding having to remember yet another username and password.

Available for free on the App Store, Pickup Pal members now have a simple, yet highly useful tool to help them get where they need to go.