On-Demand Prospectus Fulfillment

portfolio_broadridgeBroadridge is a leading provider of investor communications and technology-driven-solutions to banks, broker-dealers, mutual funds, and corporations globally.


Broadridge was launching an innovative new financial services product. The product, which is resold as a service branded as Smart Prospectus™, would reduce both pre-printed Mutual Fund prospectus inventories and the size of final prospectuses delivered to millions of investors across Canada. Wealth Management firms would save millions on reduced mailing and printing costs. They did not have enough internal resources available to get the solution to market quickly.


Broadridge engaged Intelliware to build out versions 1.0 and 2.0. Intelliware used its i-Proving™  methodology to focus on building the simplest things that worked while meeting the goals of the business. The product needed to be of the highest quality upon launch to meet the standards of the financial services industry.

Broadridge adopted the i-Proving™ methodology in its entirety and continues to use it to enhance the system. To date, Smart Prospectus™ has handled many million prospectuses, and is saving financial institutions millions of dollars annually.