QR Code Solution for Restaurant Chain

portfolio_caseys-logoCasey’s Grill • Bar, a Prime Restaurants brand, is a franchised restaurant chain specializing in casual dining. The chain has 34 restaurants in Ontario and Québec.


Casey’s wanted to respond to their guests’ needs by enhancing their experience through a new menu offering healthy food options and information to help customers make more informed choices when ordering their meals. Casey’s wanted to improve their in-restaurant experience while taking advantage of smartphone technology to provide up-to-date information to guests right at their tables.

Casey’s requirements included the ability to provide nutritional and allergen information for each menu item.  As well, they wanted to be able to offer wine pairing recommendations without always relying on wait staff. The information had to be bilingual, easily updated and managed by Casey’s but accessible to the largest number of guests possible.


Through a collaborative planning process, Intelliware recommended the development of a bilingual mobile optimized website accessible right from the menu using a QR code or, for phones without a scanner, a URL. Built in just weeks, the site provides all the nutritional and allergen information as well as wine tasting notes and pairing suggestions. Guests can simply scan a QR code or enter the website address into the mobile browser. Instantly they are taken to Casey’s mobile website where they can navigate through the site and determine what food and beverage items they wish to order.

This innovative offering enhances the guest experience enabling Casey’s to stand out as a leader in the food services space.