Streamlined Costing Solution

portfolio_qstrat-logoQStrat is an organization dedicated to providing packaged software applications and consulting services to allow clients improve their inbound and outbound quotation processes.



Preparing accurate quotations is hard, detailed work. Most organizations have many different heavily customized spreadsheets to prepare and analyze costs and quotes. However, as powerful as spreadsheets are, they suffer from some critical drawbacks. Hierarchical bills-of-material are nearly impossible to fit in the rows and columns format of a spreadsheet. Cost allocation models are built into individual spreadsheets and cannot be easily modified and what-if scenarios are difficult at best. In addition, cost assumptions change over time, and get buried and hidden within old versions lurking around your file system.

QStrat recognized these issues and wanted to create a product to solve these and other problems for organizations.


Intelliware built a sophisticated desktop costing/quotation tool for QStrat. The system allows users to input detailed cost, bill-of-material, and process information that are used to accurately and comprehensively compute product manufacturing costs. These costs, in turn are used to guide pricing decisions for quotations. The system is widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry, and recognized as the best-of-breed tool in its segment.

QLM Costing desktop application replaces customized spreadsheets and allows users to do complex, sophisticated cost analysis on manufactured parts. Assumptions are stored with the costing files, and can be easily updated. Costing and pricing analyses are routine, accurate and reproducible. QLM Costing allows users to quote with confidence.

QLM Costing supports a wide range of methodologies and cost drivers from simple labor burden cost allocations to complex activity-based cost (ABC) models. QLM Costing’s consistent, disciplined, and reproducible approach to cost estimating and quote preparation helps users understand costs better and improves the accuracy of their quotations.