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Where to go next, after AngularJS

Our Centre Of Excellence Team investigated the key JavaScript framework alternatives by building some core application functionality in Angular 2, ReactJS, and Polymer.

Blockchain: The Other Side of the Digital Coin

Blockchain: The Other Side of the Digital Coin Talk of Blockchain technology is everywhere. Increasingly, Financial Services companies are expressing interest in Blockchain. So what is it? Blockchain is a technology that was created a part of Bitcoin, a “digital currency” designed to make banks obsolete. Despite this adversarial origin, banks are now keenly interested in… Read more »

QA in an Agile Environment

QA in an Agile Environment

Quality Assurance is actually quite different in Agile and non-Agile environments. Learn how to approach QA in an Agile environment., the role of QA on an Agile team, and more.

Agile Adoption Checklist

In keeping with Agile’s inherent “get it done” philosophy, organizations should consider taking these key steps to get their own Agile initiative moving.

Agile Retrospectives

Agile retrospectives help teams reflect on how to become more effective, then tune and adjust their behavior accordingly. Learn how to conduct one.

Agile Testing

A pragmatic and in-depth look at Agile testing by Intelliware’s Chief Technologist, BC Holmes. The seventh entry in our Agile Methodology Series.