XPToronto: Introduction to Agile

Are you new to Agile or have been doing Agile for a while now but are looking for opportunities to expand your understanding of the basic concepts behind Agile?  I recently completed a number of “Agile 101″ training presentations. I can’t go through all of them in one meeting, so we’ll start off by voting on the ones that attract the most interest and we’ll see how many we can get through in 2 hours.

Choices include:
– Values & Principles
– Myths & Practices
– Estimating
– Story Writing
– Release & Iteration Planning
– Tasking & Task Boards

Each presentation will be supplemented by anecdotes and stories from the trenches based on my 10+ years working on Agile projects.  There will also be lots of time for questions.

Warning…this session will be pretty basic for most of you if you’ve been involved with this group or Agile for any length of time.  But don’t be afraid to invite any newbies out there that you’re aware of, this meeting will cater specifically to them.


Ryerson University George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre
245 Church St.
Room ENG 205