Where to go next, after AngularJS


With the rapidly changing landscape of web user interfaces and the added factor of emerging standards around Web Components, the role of supporting JavaScript frameworks in web development continues to change rapidly. Our Web UI Centre Of Excellence Team investigated the key JavaScript framework alternatives by building some core application functionality in Angular 2, ReactJS, and Polymer. The Developer Experience was a key focus during our investigation.

In this paper after briefly introducing the three web UI frameworks, we discuss:

  • How we investigated
  • What we investigated
  • What we found
  • Conclusions

Discover where to go next, after AngularJS.
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Intelliware Web UI CoE Team

The Web UI CoE consists of a team of Intelliware experts that focuses on web front-end technology. Overall, the goals of this team are to provide relevant insights on upcoming frameworks; create and distribute web components and tools; and help projects deliver faster by producing best practices and migration guides and propagating them throughout our delivery organization. The team members involved in this paper are Anson Chung, Gary Ng, Jean Bourgeois and Nelson Lee.

We’ve kept our discussion less technical and more general.  Please contact us for a more detailed discussion on the frameworks and our experiences – we’re happy to talk about it.

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