Capital Markets

Turning Business Goals into Functional Applications

Dynamic markets, more sophisticated business models and evolving regulatory requirements are driving the need for greater efficiencies, revised business practices and the ability to respond to closer scrutiny. These new realities for organizations in the Capital Markets industry can be operationally onerous and costly without the proper processes and systems in place.

Having access to complete, accurate and trusted data, regardless of its origin is critical. Employing systems and processes that are effective and transparent can transform your current state to one of stability and reliability, and will set the stage for you to easily adapt to changes in business lines, product mix and data volumes.

Many of today’s business challenges can’t be entirely solved using out-of-the box products and a customized solution must be created.  Intelliware’s Agile methodology is particularly well-suited for clients who have a vision that needs to be transformed into a functional, working application. Our process delivers exactly what the business needs. It is highly collaborative, puts working software into the hands of business users early in the development process, easily incorporates changing requirements, and ensures the rapid development of the final product.

Intelliware has significant experience and domain expertise working with the typical core systems of Capital Markets organizations. We build, re-factor and integrate the systems, data and processes required to respond to the many demands in the financial services space.

We have worked with a wide variety of organizations in the Pension, Institutional Investments and Mutual Fund sectors providing strategic IT consulting and software development services including: