Product Ventures

Transform your ideas into marketplace success stories.

Are you an entrepreneur with a great idea? Intelliware’s Product Ventures Practice offers a partnership option for you to leverage our product management and development expertise to get your ideas to market faster.

Our approach works well with start-ups, early stage product companies or those that are in-market and require re-platforming for scale. Accordingly, partnerships can be tailored to your specific situation and may range from a classic fee for service arrangement, joint venture or possibly an earned equity stake in your emerging business. We’ll work with you to tailor an arrangement that suits your overall goals and objectives. Intelliware has the scale and experience to help you succeed.

Reduce the financial and business risk of your start-up.

Our partnership approach significantly reduces financial and business risk for both founders and investors by accelerating the time between concept and profit. A partnership with Intelliware Product Ventures offers access to a variety of services throughout the lifecycle. We have a proven track-record for successfully executing on the product build through to services that include product Roadmaps, whole-product definition, product development, as well as launch activities such as marketing, promotion and tracking.

Flexible arrangements range from limited service offerings such as mentoring and product development, or may be expanded to include strategic planning, helping to raise capital, or providing sales, marketing and general management services. We’re a true partner who understands the entrepreneur and investor.

We know how to architect for scale and get your product to market quickly, all the while driving customer adoption and maximizing returns for founders and investors. An entrepreneurial start-up faces a raft of challenges; raising capital, product planning, hiring and managing technical people in a tough market, marketing, selling, delivering complex projects, and most of all, keeping dozens of balls in the air as you drive to success.

Let Intelliware help you with some of your juggling.