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Intelliware provides planning, custom development, integration and support services to a wide range of business sectors. We offer a range of services and solutions – from enterprise application development to mobile solutions, from planning to portals, from strategy to UI design.

Intelliware Services - Delivery Matters

You benefit because you only have one vendor to manage. This saves significant time and reduces costs while improving the overall quality of the project, since there is seamless integration of all aspects of the build: strategy, planning, design, build, testing, launch as well as budgeting, project communications and overall accountabilty.


Before you can move ahead with an initiative, you need to know where you are. Assessments identify the areas of greatest business and technical risk, and form the basis for an actionable plan to mitigate exposure to those risks. We have been helping companies understand their current business and technical environment for years. We specialize in providing services such as IT strategy and consulting, technology evaluation and selection, legacy system evaluation and technology due diligence.


Every project requires a plan. We put a great deal of effort working towards creating plans that are simple to facilitate communication, high level to keep you focused on the end result, adaptable to accommodate change and, most importantly, realistic. The cornerstone of our planning services is the Intelliware™ Roadmap which provides an actionable series of prioritized steps supported with a timeline, budget estimate and requirements list. Once you’ve completed our Roadmap, you’ll have a clear vision of how to successfully move your project forward.


Intelliware’s core expertise is building software. We excel in application design and system architecting, automated quality and performance testing and automated deployment. We offer a full range of services around our core programming capability that includes program and project management, quality assurance as well as front-end design services.


Intelliware’s collaborative approach to software development allows for knowledge transfer of the application to our client. Once a project is complete, our clients seamlessly manage the ongoing maintenance and support throughout the application’s lifecycle. The reason for this is most of our projects are staffed with people from our clients’ organizations. These business experts help facilitate a smooth and orderly transition of responsibility for a system back in-house. During this transition, (or for clients who prefer not to manage Support), we provide a wide array of support service options ranging from 24/7 coverage to last resort emergency back-up.