We make sure your cloud applications run smoothly and cost you less.

Growing revenue and shaping the customer experience are top priorities that are demanding more time from IT teams. If you find that your organization is unable to keep up with feature requests, bugs, performance issues and more, you are not alone. While the cloud can reduce your infrastructural burden, you still need to make sure your cloud environments and applications are maintained and tuned.

Intelliware’s CloudOp™ services will keep your portfolio of applications current and running smoothly. Using an integrated DevOps approach, we bring a number of skill sets to act as a complementary team to yours so that you can worry less about the day-to-day minutiae of your operation and focus on value-added business activities. Leading Canadian organizations have trusted us for 20 years to deliver on their software needs.

Benefits of CloudOp™

  • Reduce risk, decrease costs, and increase the longevity of your applications
  • Increase transparency from development to deployment across your organization
  • Improve your time-to-market when deploying new initiatives, products, or features
  • Reduce your backlog and improve customer satisfaction

What We Offer

  • Proactive monitoring and tuning of your cloud environment and applications
  • On-going patching, auditing and environment hardening to ensure security and compliance
  • Bug fixing and minor feature development based on prioritized backlog
  • Operations and management of data extraction, transformation and load services

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