Enterprise Solutions

For over 20 years, Intelliware has been in the business of developing enterprise systems that have become central to our clients’ organizations and crucial to their business success.

The unique combination of our proven processes, business and technical expertise and disciplined project management enables us to lower overall project risk while delivering value to the business both early and often.

Transactional & operational systems

We build large-scale, complex transactional and operational solutions for a range of organizations. These applications coordinate business processes by sharing large amounts of data and supporting significant transactional volumes. In most cases, these systems form the foundation of key business processes which are core to our clients’ business operations.

Workflow & productivity solutions

In addition, we are frequently engaged to design and build software applications to improve workflow and productivity processes and systems. We can re-engineer your systems and add value by streamlining processes, improving productivity and reducing errors to deliver significant value to your bottom line.