Gaining insights and measuring success.

Every application we build requires metrics to track its success. Often, the mobile solutions we build are part of a specific campaign or program, which places an even greater emphasis on measurement, tracking and testing. We tailor our approach to each engagement based on your specific business objectives.

  • Standard services
  • Set up and link with appropriate landing pages
  • Mobile Search Marketing to target appropriate platforms
  • Ads on other web and mobile properties
  • Measure Click Through Rates (CTRs) from different properties and channels
  • Setup and track various goal conversions
  • Test different variations of landing pages
  • Maximize ROI by refining campaigns against relevant mobile data

Data for optimizing SEM/SEO campaign activity

  • Usage analytics
  • Download rates and trends
  • Number of users and sessions
  • Time spent on app/mobile site
  • Entry, exit points, depth of usage
  • Feature usage and goals achieved
  • Heat maps on locations

Behavioural analytics

  • How the app is being used
  • User engagement
  • Social activity
  • Channels most frequently used for sharing purposes
  • SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter
  • Measure magnitude and frequency of ‘shares’
  • Sharing of videos, audio, text
  • Aggregate stats of voting and contest related activity
  • App recommendation to friends

Finally, we work closely with you to set up customized reports and dashboards to ensure that the data you track and measure is not only gathered, but also simple to use and understand. We have significant experience in designing and implementing the right strategic approach plus the tactical implementation of the analytics and metrics required to drive traffic to a campaign and maximize its success.

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