Mobile Application Development Platforms

It has been said that the only constant in technology is change; this is particularly true when it comes to the mobile ecosystem. To deal with the proliferation of devices and operating environments, and to keep costs and development time in check, many companies are turning to multi-channel mobile solutions such as the various mobile application development platforms (MADP) that are available today.

These solutions enable companies to essentially “build once, deploy to many”, thereby creating feature-rich apps that are supported in native, hybrid and web-based environments. They provide organizations with a platform to build, deploy and manage mobile applications that are optimized for a range of target devices. Regardless of the solution, mobile application development platforms share several common elements:

Intelliware’s Mobile Centre of Excellence has deep technical expertise and industry experience using many MADPs. We offer our clients a range of integration and implementation services that leverage our proven development methodologies to develop rich multi-channel solutions in an efficient, cost-effective manner. If you are assessing MADP alternatives, we help you choose the best solution for your business. Or, if you are currently using a solution, we will hit the ground running.

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