Product Development

Whole-sourcing. An end-to-end approach to product development.

Intelliware offers organizations a unique service which we refer to as our “Whole-Source” project capability. A whole-sourced solution is a product or system guided from concept to production by a team of Intelliware program managers, architects, analysts, UI specialists and developers. Using our i-Proving™ development process to ensure that business priorities are met and development risks are managed, the team works closely with the business and technology experts to build a custom software solution.

We can manage all aspects of a software development project from A to Z with full accountability for deliverables. Our clients have used our Whole-Source capability to build and support a range of products — from enterprise systems, to operational data stores, to web-based products, to mobile solutions, to portals.

Key Considerations for Product Development.

  1. Strategic alignment – does the initiative align with your organization’s short- and longer-term goals & objectives?
  2. Market positioning – how will the project help to improve your current place in the market?
  3. Capabilities – are you able to leverage your current capabilities (technology, operations, sales) or do you need to hire or find a partner for success?
  4. Revenue potential – what is the near and longer term revenue potential?
  5. Growth – what is the anticipated growth curve and how will this impact your organization?
  6. Technical risk – what are the risk factors and what is the plan for mitigating or managing them?
  7. Financial resources – what are the hard and soft costs to execute this project? Do you need funding?
  8. People – do you have the right skills and bandwidth with your current staffing mix?

We get you to the finish line.

Our range of services allows clients to take advantage of “green field” opportunities, experiment with emerging technologies and truly maximize their company’s business opportunities. Some of the benefits of whole-sourcing include:

  • Lowers your overall project risk
  • Allows you to better focus on the business aspects of your project
  • Allows you to augment your staffing for busy project periods
  • Eliminates your need to manage technical staff
  • Allows you to “right-size” your ongoing development staff