Making ethics reporting simple and secure.

Intelliware helped modernize ClearView’s widely used ClearView Connects™ product.

Founded in 1997 in Toronto, ClearView Strategic Partners provides an ethics reporting and whistleblowing platform to forward-thinking companies in various industries, including retail, healthcare, finance, mining, energy, government, higher education, and lottery and gaming. ClearView knows the long-term success of its clients is enhanced by providing stakeholders with tools for enhanced transparency and accountability. This post describes how Intelliware helped modernize ClearView’s widely used ClearView Connects™ product supporting the growth of people-first organizations with healthy workplace environments.

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Ethics Reporting

Organizations benefit when stakeholders act with integrity and provide their employees with a secure system for confidentially and anonymously reporting a myriad of issues including ethical and whistleblower concerns as well as concerns relating to workplace environment, human rights and diversity and inclusion. Internally, such systems strengthen relationships between organizations and their employees, fostering a culture of transparency, accountability and honesty, and ultimately improving the overall health and wellbeing of those organizations. Externally, customers and other stakeholders come to admire, respect, and prefer brands that inspire trust and actively maintain an esteemed reputation.

Fortunately, a modern ethics reporting solution, such as ClearView Connects™, makes an ethics reporting system easy for organizations to implement, utilize and promote. The information and data gathered within ClearView Connects™ provides ClearView’s clients with critical organizational intelligence and information to support decision-making. ClearView’s software reduces the potential magnitude, impact and cost implications of unethical behaviour and financial wrongdoing, which simultaneously lowers reputational risk and enhances employee and stakeholder engagement.

ClearView’s ethics reporting system connects people and organizations—bringing together those who have something to report with those who want, and need, to hear – and act upon – what is being reported.

Redesigning the app

ClearView decided to redesign and modernize their legacy application to stay at the forefront of technology trends and maintain the high standard of security and anonymity their clients have come to expect. As part of the redesign initiative, ClearView also aimed to deliver an enhanced user experience, provide faster application performance, and improve scalability to accommodate their growing global client base.

Intelliware was the ideal partner for this strategic project thanks to their technical and UX expertise, people-first values, and specialized design approach. Intelliware started by completing a UX Workshop with cross-functional representatives to assess the product vision, user needs, and areas for improvement, followed by collaborative brainstorming sessions to identify potential solutions. Intelliware’s technical delivery team used the output of the UX Workshop to develop project options and an overall roadmap that incorporated Agile project management and engineering practices to improve the frequency of delivery and reliability of releases.

“Working closely with ClearView in an iterative and collaborative approach enabled a full understanding of ClearView’s end-game objectives through the entire UX workshop. The cross-functional representation from both teams led to an insightful discovery, world-class user experience, and exceptional execution.” – Melany Bailette, UX/Product Lead, Intelliware Development Inc.

With a roadmap in place, ClearView and Intelliware used a co-team model, in combination with a phased project approach, that fostered close collaboration and ensured continuous and predictable delivery of the redesigned application.

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Go big or go home!

As part of the roadmap for the redesign initiative, Intelliware presented two main strategic paths to achieve ClearView’s goals: an incremental approach based on upgrades to the existing developmental framework, or a transformational, “go big” strategy.

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By choosing to “go big”, users of the modernized ClearView Connects™ platform  benefit from absolute confidentiality and anonymity due to a security-first approach to design and construction, while enjoying:

  • Seamless flow from page to page, thanks to identification and resolution of high-impact usability and navigation inefficiencies
  • Improved report submission capabilities
  • Automated password generation (reducing reliance on client service support)
  • Enhanced search and export functionality
  • Elimination of timeout and browser compatibility concerns

The modernized ClearView Connects™ platform eliminates outmoded technical limitations allowing for further innovation, offers their administrative team the ability to scale solutions to address growing client expectations, and has helped ClearView pave the way for future development ideas. The strategic partnership between ClearView and Intelliware demonstrates the many advantages of collaborative design.

“The partnership between ClearView and Intelliware brought out the best in both companies: ClearView’s crucial and cutting-edge ethics reporting and whistleblowing platform allows our client organizations to flourish thanks to Intelliware’s deep UX/UI expertise, commitment to putting people first, and unique modernizing methodology.” Phil Enright, President & CEO, ClearView Strategic Partners Inc.

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