Data Science: A Primer for Software Developers

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For software developers, Data Science needs to be understood from the perspective of building applications for our business clients.

Data Science is the current “hot” topic in the software development world. As with any buzzword, particularly trendy ones, the definition of “Data Science” can mean many different things to different people.

This Primer takes a cut at explaining Data Science from the developers’ perspective.

Topics discussed include:

 What is Data Science, exactly?

 How do you “do” Data Science?

 How do you collect and analyze Big Data?

 What does it mean for Software Developers?

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Author’s Bio – Ben Hall

Ben Hall is a Technology Director and Senior Architect at Intelliware.  He has over 20 years of software development and design experience delivering technology assessments, roadmaps and solutions. He works closely with IT and business stakeholders to define solutions, direction, and technical project scope. Ben has been the technical architect on projects for a wide range of clients in many different sectors, with a particular focus on enterprise level systems for large financial institutions. Ben holds an Honours Bachelor of Science from University of Toronto.