With experience in delivering hundreds of projects, we build software that delivers real business value to our clients. We believe in setting new standards for the way software is built.  


Team Ramp Up

Product Backlog Grooming

Delivery Ceremonies

Software Code and Test Development

Co-Teaming for Knowledge Transfer


Requirements/Other Documentation

UX/UI Design

Source/Deployable/Test Code

CI/CD Pipeline

Test Cases/Results

Production Ready Software


Sprint Capacity

Project Room Access

Co-team Training

Technical Infrastructure

Access to CoE’s

Delivery is a process that allows you to get to your final destination, and it involves a lot more than just coding. Intelliware takes a holistic approach to development in an Agile way, adapted to the needs of your particular project, through the entire life cycle of the build. 

  1. Working with our clients to shape the right team

    The composition of Intelliware co-teams compliment client teams. Intelliware development and delivery staff work alongside your team in hands-on roles. We can provide leadership, delivery and development roles including Delivery Manager, BA, QA, Architects, UX/UI designer and full-stack developers.

  2. Applying technical and software development expertise to the build

    Skilled practitioners apply appropriate technologies to drive business value. Software builds adhere to strict coding, testing and quality standards that are enforced and monitored through tools and processes. Agile engineering practices like continuous integration and delivery and test-driven development are part of every build. Our developers have real experience using current technologies in solution delivery.

  3. Applying Agile and project delivery expertise to reduce delivery risk

    Projects are delivered using our experience and our adaptive Agile approach. We incorporate Agile best practices for delivery to minimize risks and scale according to project size and need, and adapts them to the client ecosystem. We have 20 years of experience delivering projects using Agile methodologies. We are leaders in the Toronto Agile community. Our flexible process allows clients to prioritize functionality as the solution takes shape. We implement Agile tools, processes and practices as part of solution delivery. Knowledge transfer is incorporated into day-to-day activities and learning activities. Team composition is adjusted as the project progresses to shift responsibility to our clients.

  4. Delivering more than just software

    A full solution to any substantive problem is more than just a completed system.  There are many other artefacts, tools and technologies that are delivered over the course of our build projects.   Requirements, documentation and any support materials are created on an ongoing basis.  We produce Continuous Integration and Deployment pipeline infrastructure.  Automated test harnesses and safety nets are built alongside production code.  And of course, our highest priority, the development and delivery of a high quality, performant, secure production system that meets your specific requirements.

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