Enterprise Solutions

We develop software that enables organizations in complex industries to achieve their objectives. Intelliware delivers enterprise solutions that drive business success.

We approach all Strategy projects with a preliminary Discovery process.

Project Tasking

Proven Process

A combination of business acumen, technical expertise, user experience expertise, proven processes, and disciplined project management enables us to lower overall project risk while delivering value, early and often.


Transactional Systems

Intelliware builds diverse, large-scale transactional and operational solutions. These applications coordinate business processes by sharing large amounts of data and supporting significant transactional volumes. In most cases, these systems form the foundation of key business processes central to operations.



A frequent request from clients, we’re tasked to design and build custom software applications that streamline workflows. Leveraging our client’s knowledge of their business processes, our team of specialists dissect objectives, analyze obstacles, and design software solutions that substantially impact our client’s bottom line.



The applications we build for clients form a foundational platform of integrated business processes that represent the core of scalable business operations for growing organizations.



Productivity Solutions

Intelliware designs and builds software applications to improve workflow and productivity. We re-engineer and modernize client systems to add value by streamlining processes, improving productivity, and reducing errors—all while reducing maintenance demands.

News and Insights

We’ve been creating software for over 30 years and have learned a lot along the way.

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