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Intelliware and ProWire take the ultimate fan experience to exhilarating new heights.

Be part of the play! ProWire creates a proprietary, low-latency audio technology to stream real-time audio of players, referees, and commentators—straight to the fan’s mobile phone. Fans attending events can download the app and choose from a selection of feeds offering everything from broadcast commentary to exclusive live player mics! Much to the delight of ticket-buying fans across North America, Major League Baseball, the UFC, and NHL franchises like the Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers have jumped on Prowire’s ingenious platform.

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Setting the new standard for event engagements, future live events need more compelling and cost effective ways to reward and retain their patrons.

But how can an app compete with the comfort and convenience of modern home theatre experience? More than ever, live events must find innovative ways to differentiate, personalize, and enhance the audience experience to turn one-time customers into loyal patrons.

For their part, today’s event goer has big expectations. From delivering refreshments to their seat, to social networking with other event goers, technology can make the impossible possible.

Want to play pre-show games on jumbotrons? Or, would you prefer gaming on your phone? Does exclusive microevent content interest you? Not sure… start by following your favorite sport. And then, squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of the experience.


Developed by Intelliware, the ingenious ProWire app delivers what sports fans, teams, leagues, and venues all want—a differentiated live event experience. It starts with CrowdFlex™️. ProWire’s patent-pending low-latency real-time technology captures and processes live audio at the event level, and streams the content directly to the fan’s mobile phone.

Behind the scenes, a cloud-based server allows ProWire administrators to log on with their browser and customize the content to each event. Using the mobile phone’s geolocation, fans gain access to content; their interaction with the app enables ProWire to serve paid ads and branded content personalized to the audience.

Working with an executive briefing, a PowerPoint presentation, and design mockups of the user interface, Intelliware took charge for every aspect of application development, starting over from scratch. This included defining the technical strategy, creating user experience, as well as building, testing, deploying and refining the app.

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Since debuting in the sports industry in 2016, the ProWire app has quickly earned its place in the majors. Based on the quality and performance of their product, ProWire has quickly climbed the who’s who of sports franchises and leagues. The company was recently selected to join the Future of Sport Lab, a sport innovation platform launched by Ryerson University and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

“We knew we had a huge concept. We just needed a development company with the technical expertise to bring that concept to life. Intelliware was the perfect partner for us, supportive every step of the way, from strategy to tactical execution. They enabled our success.”

ProWire’s success is a testament to the power of the right business-to-business partnership. The firm has called on Intelliware for strategy, oversight, and turnkey application development from the start of their business journey, including the MVP. With the focus now on continuous integration and delivery efforts, Intelliware’s engagement evolved from strategy to training and deepening ProWire’s own technical expertise.

“One of the things we like most about Intelliware is that they’re a teaching organization that believes in training clients. This exchange of knowledge and the quality of their work has greatly benefitted our development.”

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