BlueDot, a world leader in advanced data analytics and technologies that mitigate infectious disease risks, has partnered with Intelliware Development to assist with the development of their solution roadmap.

BlueDot’s proprietary software-as-a-service is designed to help health experts identify and plan their responses to infectious disease outbreaks. Their outbreak risk software was among the first to warn of the emergence of COVID-19.

BlueDot chose Intelliware because they required a technology partner that could assist with the development of the next version of their surveillance application, used by BlueDot clinicians to review, validate, and publish disease events to client end-users, while providing guidance and advice on how to improve their Agile practices for software delivery.

“Intelliware was chosen as a preferred technology partner by BlueDot based on their exceptional 30-year track record in software delivery, in addition to their Agile expertise, technical practices, and a highly collaborative approach to working,” said Mike Chmura, Chief Technology Officer, BlueDot.

“It was essential for BlueDot to meet current market demands while at the same time facing rapidly evolving global conditions,” said Andrew Pitt, Senior Vice President, Delivery of Intelliware Development. “They required a development partner that could continue to improve and sustain their Agile practices to ensure consistent delivery, improved capacity for releases and build resiliency.”

Intelliware actively contributed to the delivery of BlueDot’s solution through hands-on development and reinforcing technical practices that support code quality and engineering standards. By encouraging and reinforcing an Agile mindset of iterative and incremental delivery, Intelliware was able to reduce BlueDot’s delivery risk.

About BlueDot

BlueDot’s software-as-a-service solution combines global datasets with proprietary algorithms to deliver critical insights on the spread of infectious diseases. Using a sophisticated AI platform, natural language processing, and machine learning, BlueDot processes vast amounts of data in 65 languages to track outbreaks and mitigate risks associated with over 150 pathogens, toxins, and syndromes.

About Intelliware Development

Intelliware is a custom software development services provider based in Toronto, Canada. Using an Agile approach, Intelliware offers high velocity, reliable software services to deliver high-quality software for its clients. Intelliware is engaged as a technical partner by a wide range of local, national and global organizations in sectors that span Financial Services, Healthcare, and Technology.