We’re excited to be hosting our fourth annual Intelliware employee hackathon. The theme of this year’s hackathon is contributing to Open Source.  As an organization of developers we benefit from the OSS community. We would like to celebrate the community and give back at the same time.

This year teams have selected a variety of projects to work on:

  • Building a web front end for a QMK ( keyboard configuration utility.
  • Creating a machine learning model for a Kaggle competition (
  • Contributing a Web Component to
  • Dockerizing an out-of-the-box build pipeline (

The Hackathon will begin on October 27th at noon with some food for thought and whiteboard time. Presentations and judging will follow at 8:00pm that same evening.  Judging criteria includes overall impact, creativity, and completeness of contribution.  Prizes are on the line…

We will be tweeting to #IWDHackathon2016 throughout the entire event. Feel free to show your support and keep an eye on how each team is progressing. 

We’re looking forward to the excitement and energy generated during our previous hackathons on Mobile Tech , IOT , and most recently Big Data.

Let the hacking begin!