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Intelliware Development, a leading custom software solutions company that serves as a technical partner for a wide range of global organizations in the Financial Services, Healthcare, and Technology sectors, today announced a new partnership with leading global payments provider, Yaka Labs.

Yaka Labs, a global payments network enterprise based in Silicon Valley, leverages the rapid tech-driven evolution of our financial landscape. Yaka Labs addresses a growing demand for a payments platform and ecosystem that offers a holistic offering of traditional financial institutions while incorporating both existing and emergent payment rails and technologies.

Intelliware is assisting Yaka Labs in developing a robust software platform poised to revolutionize how global payments and transfers are handled.

Keith Shiner, VP of Financial Services at Intelliware, commented on the partnership with Yaka Labs: “We bring 30 years of experience and success with enterprise grade software development to the table. The partnership is a strong strategic fit. We’re excited to work alongside Yaka and share with them our Agile software delivery best practices.”

Intelliware was chosen as Yaka Lab’s software delivery partner based on the following advantages:

  • Technical expertise and leadership spanning 30 years of Software Development and technical experience implementing hundreds of projects.
  • Toronto is considered a major international banking centre and one of the top-three tech cities in North America, resulting in high quality talent available from Intelliware.
  • Geographically aligned with majority of Yaka technical staff allowing for a cross-functional Agile team to support a collaborative approach.

“We understood that a high degree of collaboration would be required to develop and deploy our desired platform. Intelliware was the perfect fit.  They have added significant value with their experience in banking platforms and Fintech, as well as their technical expertise, leadership, and Agile software delivery track record,” states Diana Adachi, CEO, Yaka. “We look forward to working alongside Intelliware throughout this collaboration.”

About Yaka

Yaka combines innovation with deep experience in regulation, risk and payments to offer the first truly simple, comprehensive, compliant, and safe way to globally send, receive, and spend real time. The Yaka vision is to launch a compliant global payments network inclusive of all persons, incorporating both the legacy payments value chain and emergent digital payment platforms.

About Intelliware

Intelliware is a custom software development services provider based in Toronto, Canada. Using an Agile approach, Intelliware offers high velocity, reliable software services to deliver high quality software for its clients. Intelliware is engaged as a technical partner by a wide range of local, national and global organizations in sectors that span Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail and Technology.