Intelliware would like to congratulate Parkdale Collegiate students Sesu Maxwell-Atungo and Sujith Ramkumar as the 2020 recipients of the Intelliware Scholarship for Leadership and Innovation. As a community supporter of Parkdale Collegiate, Intelliware is thrilled that we’ve been able to continue our support of Parkdale Collegiate students during this time of COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions and widespread school closures.

The Intelliware Scholarship for Leadership and Innovation was created in 2012 to support and recognize Parkdale Collegiate students who plan to pursue post-secondary studies in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM).  Sesu and Sujith have been selected from their graduating class at Parkdale based on their academic achievements, outstanding dedication to teamwork and leadership abilities. Not only do scholarship recipients maintain a high standard of academic excellence, they also demonstrate strong leadership skills, dedication to innovation, and involvement in school activities.

The Intelliware Scholarship for Leadership and Innovation was founded as a way to promote educational pursuits that will help support local students interested in sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.  As well, the Intelliware Scholarship aims to give back to the local Parkdale community as a whole. “We believe this will be a great investment in the community’s future.” explains Bruno Schmidt, Sr. Vice President, Technology at Intelliware “This scholarship is one of our favourites as it contributes to education and the advancement of technology and innovation.”

This is the eighth year that Intelliware has made a commitment to Parkdale Collegiate Institute in hopes of widening the window of opportunity for bright, young minds in our local community. Intelliware is proud of its ongoing support of local students who will be shaping the future of our community and the technology industry.