RLDatix logoIntelliware empowers the American healthcare industry’s most prominent safety software company with Agile adoption.

RLDatix is a privately held software company focused on creating patient safety solutions for clinicians, hospital staff, and other healthcare professionals. With over 1,600 clients and solutions in production at 10 out of the 10 largest hospitals in the U.S., including Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins, RLDatix is a market leader in the patient safety software space.


RLDatix engaged Intelliware to help modernize their development and delivery processes using Agile. While not new to the RLDatix technical culture, knowledge of Agile among their developers varied enough to justify an Agile adoption engagement. RLDatix wanted:

  • Faster development cycles to better respond to changing client needs
  • Improved quality earlier in the development process
  • Less testing effort and fewer last-minute fixes
  • A more robust development process for continuous and predictable delivery
  • Improved collaboration, planning, and delivery


To drive a broad change in mindset, delivery, and architecture, Intelliware recommended a co-team build designed to deliver a new product offering. This immersive experience gave RLDatix’s development teams across the organization the opportunity to experience and learn Agile practices firsthand until the transformation of their technical culture was complete.

Intelliware’s Agile adoption services include numerous frameworks and tools to ensure success and self-sufficiency. These practices include Agile assessments and reports, education and training, as well as diverse coaching and support activities. Intelliware even conducted Agile surveys to collect feedback on progress and to identify areas for improvement and focus.

“Through training and coaching, Intelliware focused on quickly getting a few teams up to speed on basic practices, while incrementally adding advanced practices and fanning out across additional teams. Using this approach, we were able to see benefits and derive value in a very short timeframe.” – Gabriella Denu, Global QA Manager, RLDatix


Intelliware has helped RLDatix improve their ability to deliver a better product in a more consistent, predictable, and transparent way. They reported improved internal and external communication, better business alignment between requirements and delivery, better scope management, improved engineering quality and testing, increased stakeholder feedback, and a shift to continuous improvement through retrospectives.

“Intelliware’s engagement with RLDatix resulted in the creation of a solid foundation of Agile development and delivery practices that quickly created tangible results. The practices, in combination with a focus on continuous improvement, will provide benefits for the RLDatix development organization far into the future.” Sunita Ferraro, Global Lead, Product Delivery Operations, RLDatix