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Today, nineteen students from Unionville Meadows and Jarvis Collegiate joined us at the Intelliware office for a day of discussions, activities, and food! We started the day off by encouraging the Girls Coding Club from Unionville Meadows to get to know the Computer Science students from Jarvis Collegiate through ice breakers and team building activities.

Bruno Schmidt, one of Intelliware’s founders, talked to the students about our company’s history, the tech industry, and what it’s like to build a company from the ground up. The students also had the chance to chat with Intelliware folks about the different positions available at a software company and the career paths that led them to their current roles. After lunch, we led the students through a few hands-on coding exercises to help them broaden their skillset.

By bringing students into the office, we hope to give them an idea of what a day in the life of a tech industry professional looks like. We also hope to encourage more students to pursue STEM careers. Lots of people only think about Developers when they think of tech jobs, but we’d like to highlight all of the diverse and exciting positions available. As students are the future of the industry, we believe they should explore STEM career paths as early in their academic careers as possible!

This event was just one of our many initiatives aimed at encouraging students to learn more about all of the possibilities in the tech industry.