Agile is a hot topic in financial services. It’s no wonder when banks that apply Agile methodologies to less than a quarter of their projects are delivering only 70% of projects on budget and 55% on time while banks that use Agile in more than half of their projects are delivering 96% of projects on budgetand 79% on time. [i]

Yet while project-level Agile is becoming widely and effectively used, enterprise-wide Agile application—notwithstanding a few success stories—remains relatively immature, marked by inflated expectations, multiple implementation failures and significant reluctance to adopt.

Agile is a great yet challenging opportunity. Learn how to make it work in your organization.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • A Brief History of Agile
  • Why The Agile Tide has Turned
  • Making Agile Work – Next Steps Towards Agile Adoption

[i] “How winning banks refocus their IT budgets for digital.” McKinsey & Company. 2014

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