On Thursday, November 2, 2017 we wrapped up our latest hackathon. Our goal with this hackathon was to get more of our developers exposed to mobile development. We teamed up those who hadn’t done much mobile development with devs who had more experience. We also changed up the format from our usual one-day that ends late, to a two-half-day format, ending earlier. This gave the teams a chance to take a break in the middle and think through some problems, and the earlier end time brought a larger audience to the demos and award ceremony.

Three teams started work on Wednesday, November 1st: an iOS team, an Android team, and a mobile web team. What did they come up with?

Vadim, Peter A, and Peter D created an Android app to interrogate the device and list out all of the available sensors and their data. This is a good project for a developer to investigate the capabilities of their devices. They were planning to demonstrate a theremin using the proximity sensor. However, we learned that while the emulator gives a continuous value for proximity, some devices just return a binary “close”/”not close” reading which isn’t as eerie.

Anson, Gary, and Kevin C created a Web-based Augmented Reality game inspired by Dungeon Fighter. This web-based app projects a bullseye, dice, and floating scoreboard in space.

The winning team was made up BC, Kendra, and Pratibha. They wrote an iOS app to replace Intelliware’s internal 360 review system. This practical tool included a (probably illegal) machine learning model that predicts the review for a developer based on a photograph.

Congrats to all the teams, the Hackathon was a great success!