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International Women’s Day


Working Mothers and the Journey to Equality​

In honour of International Women’s Day and the theme of “#EmbraceEquity. We launched our series “Working Mothers and the Journey to Equality” which features working moms and discusses the motherhood gap. Watch the video and get inspired by remarkable women who have challenged inequity head-on.

“Let's cheer each other on.”

This International Women’s Day, I’d like to celebrate the amazing women across Canada! This special day recognizes our achievements and continued strength, resilience, and perseverance in the face of challenges, including the motherhood gap.

To the women working hard to juggle multiple roles professionally and personally: let’s cheer each other on. Balancing work and family while tackling challenges like the motherhood gap, is difficult, but you are not alone. Being a mother and a woman in tech taught me the importance of seeking support, flexibility, and resources from loved ones, leaders and colleagues. Don’t be afraid to communicate what you need to feel empowered to overcome these challenges.

Do your best to invest in yourself for a healthy work-life balance — it’ll enable you to continue making important contributions in your professional journey. Together, we’ll grow and work towards creating more equitable workplaces for women. Happy International Women’s Day. 

Stephanie Clarkson, VP of People​