We’ve been building software that enables organizations in complex industries to achieve their business objectives for over 30 years.

Our Leadership Team

Strategic, pragmatic, and dynamic, the Intelliware executive team offers the technical and business leadership our clients are looking for.

Chris Ford, CEO & Managing Partner
Chris Ford
CEO & Managing Partner
Andrew Pitt, COO
Andrew Pitt
Chief Operating Officer
Laura Socha, Advisory Lead Partner
Laura Socha
Advisory Lead Partner
Keith Shiner, Engineering Lead Partner
Keith Shiner
Engineering Lead Partner
Stephanie Clarkson, VP, People
Stephanie Clarkson
Vice President, People
Tony Lau, Client Partner
Tony Lau
Client Partner
Rhianna Brancato VP Finance
Rhianna Brancato
Vice President, Finance
Andrea Ramirez, Head of Marketing
Andrea Ramirez
Vice President, Marketing & Experiences
George Camilleri
Client Partner

Our Practice Leaders

Client-centric, delivery focused and hands-on, our practice leaders ensure that our clients get results.

Connor Hallett, Cloud & DevOps Lead
Connor Hallett
Cloud & DevOps Lead
Fred Turner, Cyber Security Lead
Fred Turner
Vice President, Technical Operations and CISO
Ben Hall, Technical Director Lead
Ben Hall
Tech Director Lead
BC Holmes, Chief Technologist
BC Holmes
Chief Technologist
Kevin Allen, Senior Technical Director
Kevin Allen
Senior Technical Director

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