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This Toronto Agile Community 2017 Conference presentation by Lawrence Ludlow covers the various checks and balances built into the Agile planning process that help ensure that Stories assigned to Iterations are properly vetted by the Product Owner and team before they are built. The checks and balances help reduce the risk of the team not being able to complete the Stories that they commit to, thereby helping earn trust with the Product Owner.  This is important because Product Owners need to trust that if a team commits to completing a set of Stories within an Iteration that the team will deliver on that commitment. Otherwise, the Product Owner may exhibit less than ideal behaviours such as asking for changes mid-Iteration or trying to cram more Stories into the Iteration than the team can handle.  The checks and balances that make up the Commitment Process are an example of how the Agile process can be both rigorous and pragmatic.



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Lawrence has been using Agile techniques since 2000 to help development teams deliver successful software solutions. As the process guy at Intelliware he helps project teams understand Agile and apply it in a pragmatic way to be better and reduce project delivery risk. Lawrence is a Professional Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in project management and delivery in multiple technical fields. Lawrence is very active in the local Agile Community and is currently a Director of TAC.