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Toronto, the fifth largest city (by population) in North America, is known for its financial sector, arts, diversity and… tech? That’s right, when it comes to finding a community of talented workers and blossoming tech startups, it’s no longer all about Silicon Valley. Invest Toronto reports that 40% of the top 250 Canadian-based technology companies are headquartered in Toronto, making it the third largest tech hub in all of North America. Additionally, 57% of the local workforce is under the age of 45.

The Intelliware team is proud to call this booming city home. Our office, located in the centre of downtown Toronto, is situated only a few steps away from the St. Andrew Subway Station, Union Station and the Richmond/Adelaide bike lanes. You can walk, run, cycle, TTC or take GO Transit to Intelliware and we’ve got secure bike storage, lockers and showers onsite.

Recent events with our neighbours to the south have left us even more proud of our locale. In true Toronto-spirit, we’ve come together as a community to help create a welcoming atmosphere for those who wish to spread their wings and realize their potential, no matter where they’re from.

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We’ve developed our organization in the image of our city. We take an Agile approach to software development, so breaking from the traditional to find what works instead of what should work is in our DNA. Similarly, our company culture is built according to what motivates the best work and creates the most supportive atmosphere for our employees.

Welcoming Cultures

Toronto’s motto is “Diversity Our Strength.” Our city is known as one of the most multicultural cities in the world, something important to the very work we do. As a technical company with a progressive approach to work, it’s important we connect with innovative and smart people. And because we work with an Agile framework in projects, our employees should be able to meet difficult challenges head on and uphold our dynamic environment. People who fit this description come from all around the world and have a variety of interests. Skill and talent truly knows no borders.

Inclusion is important to our business, our city and our employees. Humans are as complex as the problems we solve on a daily basis at Intelliware. That complexity is what allows us to be stronger as a team. Every team member’s contribution and idea is important to the progression of work and with it, we can approach each project or problem with a multitude of strengths while using the diversity of thought to see the challenge in various ways. The best teams are made up of people from different backgrounds, skill levels and training experiences.

Educational Focus

Continuing education is highly valued by our community. Both the University of Toronto and Ryerson are located in the heart of downtown Toronto with York University, Queen’s University and the University of Waterloo and Western University nearby. TechCruch reports that there are nearly 150,000 full-time students enrolled in the Greater Toronto Area and the city produces the most engineering-focused grads each year.

The census reports that half of STEM university degrees were held by immigrants, both new and established. This value isn’t missed by the government either, as many programs exist to encourage research and development for everything from advancing technology to conserving energy.

As the nation goes, so goes Intelliware. We highly value both continuing education and skill development. When we say we meet you where you are, we mean it in more than a few ways. Technology experiences breakthroughs every day and to continue providing technical excellence, Intelliware employees are always learning.

Not only are we surrounded by institutions that provide knowledge building, we developed mentorship and coaching programs to support all employees which provide valuable learning opportunities to leadership. That means career growth is possible for each and every hire.

Environmental and Employee Health

Our location provides employees with numerous opportunities to make healthier choices. We’re close to public transit systems like the GO train and only a 3 minute walk from St. Andrew Station. We support an active lifestyle for our workers, so we provide secure, indoor bike storage, lockers and showers. Our hope is that with these options, our team will choose healthier transportation for their body, budget and the environment. Plus, our offices are close to the entertainment district and a variety of restaurants, perfect for company outings and the social opportunities every employee needs for work-life balance.

The world is seeing some massive changes and we’re proud to report that our stance on the above initiatives have not changed. We still see immense potential in our community and all the people we have met and plan to meet throughout our company’s journey. Our dynamic culture is as much a part of who we are as it is a part of Toronto.

If you’re interested in seeing what our community and company can do for your career development, take a moment to browse our current technical and developer job openings. We’re interested in hearing what innovative ideas you can bring to our passionate team.