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Ken Stevens, VP of Healthcare at Intelliware, and a thought leader in the area of data interoperability for healthcare, has published a well-received article in this month’s edition of Healthcare Information Management & Communications Canada.

The article – Ontario Health Innovation – Sorry, But You Can’t Get There Without Interoperability outlines that the prerequisite for healthcare innovation in Ontario is through the adoption of open interoperability standards.

“We now need to take the next bold step and mandate that all hospital and doctor office systems support FHIR, allowing us to usher in the next wave of innovative healthcare products in Ontario.” Click here to read full article.

About Healthcare Information Management & Communications Canada

Healthcare Information Management & Communications Canada is published by HC&CC, Healthcare Computing & Communications Canada, Inc., a privately held corporation. The magazine has been serving the Canadian Healthcare Community since 1987.

The magazine publishes articles reflecting current issues which pertain to today’s volatile Healthcare environment.  They are the official journal of COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association. As well we are the Official Journal of ITAC Health – the Healthcare Division of ITAC (Information Technology Association of Canada).  They also proud supporters of Digital Health Week in Canada. Visit .

About Ken

Ken has led healthcare informatics development and integration initiatives collaborating with OTN, Canada Health Infoway, ITAC, HealthPRO, and the Hospital for Sick Children. He is the Co-chair of the Interoperability and Innovation Committee for ITAC Health. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Stevens at [email protected] or 416 576 4096.

Other Publications and Presentations from Ken

Electronic Health Records Ontario

Presented at the 2016 Engineering Technology Symposium.  In 2000, Canada set out on a 15-year mission to establish shared electronic health records for every citizen.  15 years later, Ontario has not made the progress we hoped.  In this deck, he examines where Ontario is at with respect to a shared health record and what’s it going to take to finish the job.

Electronic Health Records in Ontario from Ken Stevens


Patient Data for your App.

Presented at 2017 Apps for Health conference.  Aimed at app developers: what interoperability capabilities will your app need in order to access patient data? This presentation cover’s interoperability standards, authentication and data sharing agreements. He ends the deck with a presentation of the ITAC Health Position on Healthcare Interoperability standards that he helped author.

Patient Data for your App from Ken Stevens