People have been cursing java.util.Date for over a decade, but it stubbornly refused to disappear. JSR310 java.time in JDK8 provides a great replacement, but developers have been slow to adopt it, mostly because dates and times are a complex domain.

I’ve decide to cut the confusion about the dates and times, and explain how to take full advantage of the JSR310 API that was introduced in Java 8.

Educate yourself about the fundamentals, and you will learn:

  • why a LocalDate is not a Date
  • why an Offset is not a TimeZone
  • the difference between EST, EDT, and America/New_York
  • how to make JSR310 play well with Jackson and JDBC

At the end of this presentation, you will be ready (and excited) to refactor java.util.Date out of your codebase and never use it again!

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