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Lee McCallum, Solution Architect at Intelliware, will be presenting the  Toronto Agile Community’s next webinar on October 26th. Lee will be discussing Redefining Technical Debt: Aligning Business and Technical Initiatives.

About the Webinar

Businesses want their features as soon as possible and developers wish to provide them in the most effective way they can. However, as an industry, we still find ourselves lacking in a way to properly balance these two demands. A focus on business results can result in adding Technical Debt, which decreases the ability to deliver effectively later. On the other hand, a focus on the technical side can result in the business paying more than they want to for a given solution without understanding why.

We can attain clearer and simpler communication between the business and developers by recognizing that ‘Technical Debt’ relates to efficiency, and includes unavoidable issues that result purely from the passage of time. This can help facilitate discussions that focus on the estimated return on investment (ROI) in the short and long term for a given work item intended to reduce Technical Debt, instead of just the specifics of the item at the current time. Empowering developers to proactively identify these work items and their associated ROI will help ensure that the business is able to make the right tradeoffs and better communicate to the developers why removing Technical Debt is sometimes not a priority for the business.

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About Lee

Lee is a Solution Architect at Intelliware and is currently leading a large legacy migration effort. With over 20 years of experience in enterprise development across numerous companies, solutions and roles, Lee brings his experience forward to help nudge businesses and developers toward a more optimal, balanced approach when dealing with efficiency concerns.

You can connect with Lee via e-mail at [email protected] – he would love to hear your feedback on this concept and presentation.