Ruby on Rails: Level I (Rails 4)
I choose to learn Ruby during my lunch breaks a while ago and have now completed the Rails side of things in the same manner. Once again going back to The Pragmatic Studio to take a course on Ruby on Rails. Many of my comments about the way The Pragmatic Studio presents their training held true from the earlier course, but what really drove home the Rails course for me was taking the advice in the course work on building an application along side the practice app that was meaningful to me. I was able to take a site that I currently develop on and reconstruct it as a Rails app. By doing this I was pushed to learn just a little more at each step in order to implement specific features that made my parallel practice site look just right.

Transference of Skills
Although I have not been able to make use of my Rails knowledge in my current work place from a strict language perspective, I have found it useful as a jump start into AngularJS which is something in my current work stack.

What transfers

  • scaffolding (yeoman)
  • gem (npm)
  • rspec (protractor, jasmine)