On November 2nd, Grade 9 students across the GTA will step away from their classes to spend the day at workplaces across the city. For the 10th consecutive year, Intelliware will open our doors to host kids interested in a career in computer science.  Take Our Kids to Work Day(TOKW) is an event that supports career development by providing students with a day of in-depth career exploration and real-life experience in the workplace.

International group of happy young students

For students, our TOKW event is more than just a fun day away from school. It’s an opportunity to explore career options in a practical way, while gaining a better understanding of the different career choices in technology available to them.

As an active supporter of TOKW, we strive to better our event each year. The past few years we have extended invites to local high schools for a full day event offering a look into the software development industry. Our fun and interactive day includes learning about various career paths in the technology industry and a hands-on coding exercise in the afternoon to give the students more exposure.

The TOKW program, which originally began in 1994 in the Greater Toronto area, has now bloomed into a national program across Canada, from Nunavut to Newfoundland. We’re thrilled to host a new group of students again this year!