Our pragmatic, responsible, and market tested Engineering approach leads to production quality delivery with the ability to respond to evolving business priorities. Clients repeatedly turn to our engineering services to support them across capabilities including software development, agile-based continuous delivery, cloud and infrastructure, performance and operability, and cybersecurity.

Agile-based Continuous Delivery

Feature-based delivery to production enables responsiveness to changing requirements and user feedback, while facilitating early value creation. Our combination of refactoring, automated testing, continuous integration, and frequent deployments keep quality and software delivery throughput high, no matter the challenge.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud enabled infrastructure has had profound impact on technology stacks and deployment models. At Intelliware, we work with clients to design refreshed cloud and infrastructure solutions fueled with pipeline automation; and execute the deliver and migration of applications to cloud and other third-party providers.

Performance & Operability

High quality software must meet non-functional requirements. We work with our clients to define, document, and deliver on comprehensive non-functional requirements that support high-performance and scalability. We also help our clients implement the right level of reporting and monitoring required for highly available software systems.


Protecting critical systems and sensitive information from attacks is increasingly complex. Our cybersecurity experts can ensure protection and resilience of your technology from attacks through our approach to threat modeling, static and dynamic pressure testing, secure coding techniques, and proper hardware deployment​.

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