Coding on the Right Side of the Brain:
How Visual Arts Can Play a Role in Systems Development

For the fourth year in a row we will be celebrating Ada Lovelace Day alongside Women Who Code Toronto . This year we will be moving our meetup online.

About this Event

The IT world borrows a lot of language from art domains: we design, we architect, we diagram. And the IT industry has frequently dabbled in formalized visual design processes. Flow charting, UML diagramming, etc. But those processes seem to have limits: rarely has any picture-to-working-system generation technology produced good results, and rarely have any visual artifacts (other than, say, UI images) been managed and versioned with the same rigour as we track code.

BC Holmes will discuss some ways that thinking about problems visually can influence the process of developing IT solutions.

Date and Time
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
12:00 PM to 1:15 PM EDT

Online Event

Meet the Speaker: BC Holmes, Chief Technologist at Intelliware

BC often works with leading-edge technologies and has delivered dozens of software projects. She led the team that implemented the first web-banking application in Canada, and implemented systems that allow you to buy a Coke with your cellphone – in ancient times (back in the year 2000). She has over 25 years of software development experience; 18 of those years have been with Intelliware. BC has a Bachelor of Math from the University of Waterloo.

Intelliware & WWCode Toronto

Intelliware’s relationship with WWCode, now in its fourth year, developed in early in 2017 when we became the first Toronto company to participate in the Network Sponsorship program in support of WWCode Toronto. The partnership has provided Intelliware with a forum to voice our opinion on the importance of championing Women in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields.

As Toronto continues to explode as a technology hub, Intelliware encourages more women to consider technology as a viable profession which can lead to a rewarding, enjoyable career. WWCode is a great organization for fostering this and Intelliware is proud to support them.

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