Fintech Platforming

Lean on Intelliware’s years of experience in the big bank world to build a scalable Fintech system that holds up in mission critical production. Build it in an Agile way, starting with an MVP, and allow your platform to shine in a large scale, blue-chip world.

We approach all Strategy projects with a preliminary Discovery process.

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Fintech platforming solutions engineered for success

Servicing North America’s largest financial institutions, banks, pension funds, and insurance companies, we’ve built several generations of financial applications and transactional systems for mobile and web experiences. To achieve substantive results, start with the specialists with the know-how to engineer simple solutions to complex challenges.

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End-to-end Fintech Solutions

From planning, design, development, usability to integration with existing applications, we mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance as we unlock transformative new technologies to protect and grow your market position. Whether your company is new to the market or you’ve pioneered for generations in financial services, our expertise will substantially raise your chances of achieving the business objectives you set to achieve.

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We’ve been creating software for over 30 years and have learned a lot along the way.