Easy check-in with one tap

Intelliware simplifies location management of a distributed workforce.

Natural Insight is a leading on-demand solution provider for workforce management. Its technology platform enables companies to efficiently manage the scheduling, monitoring, data collection, and reporting for employers who have a distributed workforce.


Since Natural Insight’s clients rely on a workforce on the go, the company decided on an iPhone® app to help employers better manage and support their workers by providing them with a mobile app to use in the field.

Natural Insight wanted the app delivered quickly (within 4 to 6 weeks) and sufficiently easy-to-use in order to not require training. It had to be scalable to support thousands of users and to require no changes to the back-end platform. This last requirement posed a unique challenge, since the app needed to seamlessly integrate new data points (location and time information) and a new data stream (inputs via the iPhone) into the enterprise systems.


Intelliware designed and delivered a mobile app enabling access to the capabilities of the Natural Insight platform. Intelliware worked closely with Natural Insight’s marketing and technical teams to optimize the end user experience and to provide seamless integration to the existing enterprise systems. The result was GPS Check-In, a user-friendly interface that relies on the device’s built-in GPS capability plus real-time integration with the workforce management platform from Natural Insight. Representatives working remotely can now verify their location simply by tapping the screen.