Collaboration Rings True.

Clik2pay and Intelliware bring innovative payment processing solution to market in record time

Founded in 2018 by a team with deep business and technology expertise in the payments and digital banking industry, Clik2pay believes passionately in improving how people and businesses transact. They provide secure, convenient, and reliable payment processing directly from bank deposit accounts.

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The Clik2pay payment platform offers a new and innovative low-cost solution that enables immediate payment of any biller invoice. This easy and secure service allows billers to send invoices and payment requests to customers, who can then pay directly from their bank accounts in real-time.


In Canada, recent payment innovation has been dominated by products built on credit card networks, rather than payments directly from bank accounts. This has resulted in higher payment processing costs for businesses and merchants.

Clik2pay breaks this cycle by introducing a new, convenient, and cost-effective direct bank account payment solution for both consumers and businesses. Companies that bill or invoice customers can easily add the Clik2pay button, link, or QR code to any medium and provide a convenient new way to pay in only a few clicks. Billers increase customer satisfaction and avoid high transaction fees. That’s a true win-win!


Clik2pay wanted to stake a claim quickly in the payments marketplace. To realize the potential of their vision they needed an expert development partner with deep knowledge in financial payments and direct experience in bringing robust, secure payment solutions to life. Above all, the right partner needed to be open to collaboration, ready for client on-boarding, and capable of achieving speed to market.

“Clik2pay is entering an evolving and highly competitive marketplace where security is paramount. To give the industry comfort and achieve speed-to- market, it was critical to partner with a proven, technology partner like Intelliware.” – David Robinson, Chief Commercial Officer, Clik2pay.

Clik2pay selected Intelliware based on the company’s speed-to-market and 30-year track record of delivering robust enterprise solutions, including payment solutions for Interac and several major banks. Intelliware’s Agile approach to delivery, expertise in the cloud, consideration of operational concerns, and knowledge in payments contributed to the decision.

Partnership approach

Intelliware and Clik2pay participated in a highly collaborative Agile process giving them the ability to quickly respond to changing conditions and needs. Clik2pay started with an Intelliware cross-functional delivery team. As Clik2pay added its own developers, Intelliware onboarded them and provided side-by-side knowledge transfer to achieve a highly productive, fully integrated co-team. Intelliware also provided access to their Centres of Excellence to advise on various technical aspects of the solution and roadmap.

The Clik2pay-Intelliware cross-functional team developed, delivered and launched Clik2pay: a robust, scalable, and secure enterprise-scale solution that allows new clients to onboard quickly. The flexible Agile approach employed by the development team enabled Clik2pay to respond to market opportunities by reprioritizing features as the product was being built.

“Intelliware gave us the agility to respond to market opportunities. Their development process was very flexible, allowing us to make adjustments in response to changing priorities and early feedback.” – Michael Bradley, Founder & CEO, Clik2pay

The Clik2Play solution represents a:

  • Low-cost, guaranteed real-time payment option
  • Innovative and practical payment method
  • Friction-free billing and payment process
  • Fast, easy, and secure way for customers to pay bills directly from their bank accounts

Watch the video on the right to see all the Click2Pay features.

Team Success

Long-term competitive benefit

Intelliware managed all aspects of the solution while supporting Clik2pay to build their in-house development team for long-term ownership and sustainability. Clik2pay now has a true product delivery capability, accounting for everything from their dev-ops pipeline to foundational platform components.

We can’t wait to see what comes next for this exciting new payment service provider.

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