Power in numbers.

Intelliware and All of Us partner to shape the future of self-directed investing.

Truth in investing! San Francisco’s All of Us is the world’s first multi-sided investment platform powered by the collective wisdom of its members, machine learning, and data science.

Engineered to serve the best interests of its members, All of Us promises to empower individual investors with its transparent approach and radically new products and services in future releases, from mutual funds to private market investing, and even real estate.

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A multi-sided investment opportunity, social channel, and trusted financial advisor in one—All of Us wants to build a Wall Street accessible to everyone. Instead of advancing the interests of financial institutions or brokers, this innovative platform puts the individual investor first. Drawing on the power and resources of a social network, All of Us empowers its members with objective, transparent, and actionable insights based on real data and the collective experience of other investors.


In times of volatility and uncertainty, how can investors better protect their own interests and ensure every dollar they invest gets the highest possible return?

Right now, individual investors get the short end of the stick. Lacking actionable market insight, many self-directed investors don’t feel confident making investment decisions. If investors rely on advice from financial institutions and financial advisors, their investment returns must also cover fees and commissions associated with managed services.

Choosing an online brokerage used to be easy, but what should you look for today? In a world where information is available free of charge, individual investors must work harder to stay informed or risk making bad investments.

Where can individual investors get reliable investing advice? And is there a better alternative for investors who prefer going at it alone instead of paying fees and commissions?


Launching this year, the All of Us platform leverages the collective resources of a social platform to deliver transparent and actionable insights that help investors capitalize on their portfolios. As part of the All of Us community, investors can use the platform to find and research investment opportunities, including seeing how their stocks performance compares to other members.

Behind the scenes, All of Us partners with Intelliware for technology strategy and turnkey application development. After getting mixed results working with an offshore vendor, All of Us opted to work with a Toronto-based firm early in their development journey. Selected on the company’s reputation in fintech and Agile development, Intelliware provides the strategic expertise and software development specialists required to deliver an exceptional investor experience, top-shelf products, and real-time market insights in one platform.

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“Partnering with a dev firm in Toronto has been a great business decision for us. Intelliware shares our values, understands our goals, and, above all, enables us to achieve an outstanding investor experience.” – Iain Clarke, Chief Information Officer

Despite the physical distance between San Francisco and Toronto, All of Us and Intelliware used modern technology and proven remote working methodologies to collaborate with great success from the start. Together, they made immediate improvements to All of Us user interface, user experience, and infrastructure before, ultimately, developing a new technology strategy and roadmap for the platform.


Ready to launch in 2020, the power of the All of Us concept has attracted a growing group of members, investors, and fans. The platform itself now features world-class UI and UX with the secure technology infrastructure in place to scale on demand.

“Any firm can claim expertise in UI, security and compliance, or Agile. But Intelliware is the real deal. We consistently benefit from their technical knowledge, development capabilities, and professionalism.” – Jim Grande, Chief Technology Officer

All of Us has also benefitted from the adoption of Agile philosophies and practices learned through their engagement with Intelliware. As one of the first Agile development firms in Canada, Intelliware’s software engineers, talented developers, and delivery managers teach as teams work together. During the journey, the talented teams at All of Us learn how to leverage best Agile practices to deliver better results with future enhancements to the platform. The right partnership adds substantial value beyond product delivery.

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