Tracking the point of origin of what Canadians eat

Intelliware strengthens the agriculture and food industry with food traceability mobile app.

OnTrace delivers traceability systems, solutions and services designed to strengthen the vitality and viability of the agriculture and food industry in Canada. OnTrace’s focus on premises identification is a critical element for effective emergency management during a natural disaster, and managing food safety concerns, or plant/animal disease outbreaks.


OnTrace owns and operates the Ontario Agriculture Product Registry (OAPR), the system providing the foundation for a national traceability solution for agriculture and food. OAPR provides a consolidated view of agricultural property information and activity by retrieving data from multiple data systems. When dealing with over 220,000 agricultural premises in Ontario, the need to access the OAPR system while on location became apparent. This requirement meant not only accessing data about the premise remotely, but also augmenting the data as needed.


Intelliware developed a custom mobile app that delivers high business value for agriculture and food traceability. The app uses the native GPS capacity to securely query the OAPR system and then display premises information in a user-friendly manner. In addition, the app can add secondary site survey data (such as information on structures and natural features) to further enrich the premises profile in either the OAPR or the user’s own system.