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PickupPal logoIntelliware draws worldwide customers to a pioneering ridesharing app.

While no longer actively in market, PickupPal was a pioneering ridesharing application with over 250,000 customers worldwide at its peak. PickupPal connected drivers and passengers, paving the way for the burgeoning car-sharing marketplace by proving the viability of an app-based alternative to traditional transportation services.


PickupPal made it easier for people to share rides with others who have similar interests or with colleagues and friends. As smart phones skyrocketed in popularity, Pickup Pal saw the opportunity to develop a mobile app to further extend their customer experience with a mobile app.


Intelliware designed and built the PickupPal mobile app. Optimized for the iPhone’s capabilities such as GPS, mapping, texting, the PickupPal app featured an intuitive user interface to connect drivers with potential passengers. Intelliware optimized the PickupPal experience for the iPhone to create a slick branded user interface.

The design considered the underlying architecture required to deliver functionality with maximum utility for PickupPal members. Since the rideshare program relied on real-time data to match drivers with riders, streamlined APIs were used to enable the app to retrieve data efficiently to minimize wait time and present the information in a pleasing way.

The PickupPal app enabled members to filter and view their matches, send and receive messages, exchange information among members, and view a record of all trips logged. To streamline the user experience, the app pre-populated the date and user’s location and provided interactive maps. Another convenient feature allowed members use Facebook® to log in to the app, thereby avoiding having to remember yet another username and password.


PickupPal’s rideshare app gave its 250,000+ members worldwide a highly convenient and easy-to-use solution to get where they needed to go.