Product Development

Turn your ideas into substantive market opportunities. Partner with developers and UX specialists committed to best-in-class delivery.

We approach all Strategy projects with a preliminary Discovery process.

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Delivery Matters

Take full advantage of “green field” opportunities, experiment with emerging technologies, and truly maximize your company’s business opportunities by choosing a partner dedicated to the timely delivery of your project. There’s more at stake than just timelines and expectations. Most business initiatives are supported by funding and stakeholder buy-in. Those projects integrate with other applications across your organization. More important, your reputation is on the line.


Meeting growing customer demand with modern products and services begins with our teams of program managers, technical architects, analysts, UX specialists, and software developers. From concept to production, the Intelliware Approach mitigates development risks while effectively aligning business objectives with the delivery of your new product or service.


Strategic Alignment

Does the initiative align with the organization’s short and longer term goals and objectives?


Market Positioning

How will the project help to improve the current position in the marketplace?



What current capabilities can you leverage, or do you need to hire/partner?


Revenue Potential

What is the near and longer-term revenue potential?



What is the anticipated growth curve and how will this impact your organization?


Technical Risks

What are the risk factors and what is the plan for mitigating or managing them?


Financial Resources

What are the hard and soft costs to execute this project? Do you need funding?



Do you have the right skills and bandwidth with your current staffing mix?

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Why Intelliware

  • Mitigate your risks
  • Focus on your business, not the project day-to-day
  • Augment your teams during busy project periods
  • Eliminate your need to manage technical staff
  • Right-size your development team

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