Scaled business quickly with a new roadmap. scales their business quickly with a new development roadmap from Intelliware. is a full-service travel agency that uses an aggressive online marketing strategy to funnel sales leads to over 120 travel agents in 22 retail locations. Using innovative software applications, delivers high-touch, personalized service to compete with both national chains and call centres effectively.


In an industry where speed and accuracy are crucial to success, was at a critical point in its growth as a specialty travel agency and had outgrown its current IT capacity. To meet aggressive growth plans, the business needed a solution that was scalable, reliable, and easy to manage. needed an objective assessment of its needs and a technology roadmap aligned with its strategic business objectives, including securing new capital investments.


Intelliware created a development roadmap that met Tripcentral’s business goals and supported the effort to raise money. A quick two-week discovery exercise consisted of a series of interviews and workshops. Intelliware reviewed the documentation of the existing systems and assessed the competing business and technical priorities. The roadmap assisted in successfully securing the funding necessary for to move its business forward.

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