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Sidestepping the developer drought.


The COVID-19 pandemic has created a significant surge in digital transformation. High demand for talented domestic developers in the USA narrows the possibilities of securing the right team to get your software product to market in time.

New York, the home of high-cost developers. The talent war for developers flaring up in the Big Apple promises to disrupt your product timelines if it hasn’t already. As a backlog of projects piles up, the gap in the hiring market can’t be resolved easily or quickly. Meanwhile, development costs grow and grow as a result. pegs the average developer salary in New York at $90,369 USD annually, before bonuses or profit-sharing, which pushes the cost to $142K.

What’s causing the drought?

A further challenge that enterprises face in today’s staffing marketplace is maintaining development teams and ensuring continuity. With the increasing demand for development professionals comes volatility and churn.

Outsourcing, as an alternative to domestic development expertise, is unreliable and not necessarily cost-effective. Despite the promises, overseas vendors are also dealing with increasing costs and staffing volatility and consistently lack technical expertise, resulting in poor delivery, inconsistent code quality, and costly security flaws.

In research with their human resources community, CodinGame reports that 64 percent of companies surveyed are looking to hire up to 50 developers in 2021, with 13.5 percent of companies looking to recruit over 100.

CodinGame reports reports developers feel bullish about their job prospects. When asked how easy it is for them to get a new job, they answered an average
of 7 out of 10.

You need a development backup plan

  1. The right development partner gives you an established team ready to start delivering on day one. You can use them to pick up the slack and realize results quickly.

  2. The right partner will also promote practical software engineering and Agile best practices to empower your team and give them more confidence and enthusiasm.

Get a Toronto development connection

Toronto is famous for more than snow, the CN Tower, and its NHL and NBA teams. North America’s fourth biggest city (after NYC and LA) is a global tech center and home to all the major American tech brands: Google, Microsoft, AWS, etc.

As the economic hub of Canada, Toronto is also home to global banks, credit unions, payment innovators, and fintechs of all stripes delivering enterprise software solutions. These enterprises collaborate with established Toronto-based development companies to succeed.

Toronto Stats

82,100 new tech jobs

Toronto created 82,100 new tech jobs between 2012 and 2017. That growth outpaced San Francisco (77,830) and Atlanta (34,730) during the same years. 

Source: CBRE

1/2 the operating cost

Operating costs in San Francisco are almost twice as much as they are in Toronto. For a 75,000 sq. ft. facility in San Francisco, costs are estimated at $57M. Comparable space costs only $30M to operate in Toronto.

Source: Visual Capitalist

22% increase in tech investment

Investors look north for opportunity. VC investment in Toronto firms last year rose to $1.3 billion, up from $296 million in 2013. 

Source: PwC/CB Insights MoneyTree

The benefits stack up

The benefits of working with a Toronto-based development partner are many:

  1. Different dollar

    The currency difference in dollars means you get more value for your money without compromising service, quality, or scope.

  2. Same Values

    New York and Toronto share common business ethics, cultural sensibilities, and expectations of quality and accountability.

  3. Same Time Zone

    New York and Toronto share the same time zone/work hours making collaboration much easier and successful.

  4. Same Economy

    New York and Toronto share an integrated economy of trade, supply chains, legal structures, and language, of course.

As recently noted by Toronto-based urban theorist Richard Florida: “As the epicentre of Canada’s financial, entertainment and tech sectors, Toronto is like L.A., San Francisco and New York rolled into one…and represents about 20 per cent of Canadian gross domestic product. (New York accounts for well under 10 per cent of U.S. GDP, by contrast.)”  Eric Andrew-Gee, Globe And Mail

What to demand from a Toronto development partner

Find experienced Agile practitioners

For quantifiably superior results, insist on Agile. Experienced Agile practitioners adhere to a group of proven development techniques in totality to deliver better, faster. They invest in infrastructure and build Centers of Excellence that help accelerate complex builds.

Intelliware professionals are Agile pioneers in Canada with over 20 years of success implementing remote Agile practices to deliver secure enterprise solutions.

Make sure they work remotely

Developers separated remotely can work together securely, collaborate effectively and co-develop projects, all while learning and innovating. Just make sure your development partner has secure infrastructure in place to co-team remotely.

Don’t settle for overnight e-mails and conference calls, typical of working with offshore vendors. Your ideal partner works when you do and uses modern and secure solutions, like remote collaboration hubs.

Check Credentials

Check their credentials

Pick a development partner with a technical reputation for innovation with clients, industry colleagues, and academia, like Intelliware. Make sure their workflows support continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).

Values matter. What causes do they support? Do their values align with yours? What kind of obstacles might you encounter co-teaming?

Hand with lightbulb

Ask them to teach as they go

Through adoption services, in-house technical teams can improve and continue to use Agile development methods going forward. This transformation sparks innovation, allowing big ideas to grow, get nurtured, piloted, and launched.

Already a top-tier delivery shop? A seasoned Agile partner will fit right in, sharing common practices and delivering substantive value from day one.

Cyber Security

Remember your security

Make sure your development partner has a track record of delivering solutions compliantly in regulated IT environments. They need to know how to help protect your intellectual property, data, and customer relationships from potential breaches.

IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report calculates the average cost of a single security breach in 2020 at $3.86 million.

Get to know Intelliware

Founded in 1990 and based in Toronto, Intelliware develops enterprise-grade software solutions that enable organizations in complex industries to achieve their business objectives and realize substantive value. The company has built an international reputation for pioneering Agile practices.

Sidestep the developer drought! Don’t break the bank or lose months trying to recruit. Instead, get in touch with Intelliware to get a new co-team delivering within 30 days.

The Intelliware Approach

Tested and refined through hundreds of successful enterprise software development projects, the Intelliware Approach is how we deliver on our promise.


We start with an Agile discovery process. Our delivery teams focus on developing a clear understanding of the current technology environment and our clients’ business goals. We strive to balance business, product, technology, and project objectives to map the best way forward.

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With experience in delivering hundreds of projects, we build software that delivers real business value to our clients. We believe in setting new standards for the way software is built, Delivery matters.™

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Sustain VectorSustain

After delivery, Intelliware remains committed to help you succeed over the long run.  Our co-teaming approach to the Delivery phase of your project ensures that you have the in-house capability to evolve and adapt your solution without external dependencies.

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With Intelliware, you don’t just get coders who create software. You get access to a whole team that can help you in many different ways.

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Success Stories

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Clik2Pay and Intelliware bring innovative payment processing solution to market in record time.

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Intelliware and All of Us partner to shape the future of self-directed investing.

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