Our Agile Journey

Founded in 1990 and based in Toronto, Ontario, Intelliware is an agile leader in the development community.

Much of our corporate history is linked intrinsically and strategically with Agile. As one of the first software development companies to adopt Agile in Canada, we’ve perfected a unique Agile adoption methodology that many of our corporate clients have also embraced. Learn about our Agile Adoption Services.

Icon of House1990

Intelliware founded in an apartment at Queen and Roncesvalles in Toronto

Icon of Small Talk Book


Intelliware adopts Smalltalk as a key technology.  The Smalltalk community would later pioneer many key Agile concepts.


Working with the Smalltalk community, Intelliware becomes familiar with early Agile practices. Development annex is established, featuring dedicated project rooms.

Icon of Extreme Programming Book1999

Intelliware adopts Extreme Programming and Agile development practices.

Intelliware Building Icon2000

Intelliware moves to new premises designed and built to be Agile-compatible, including dedicated project rooms, flexible furniture, personal work areas, community spaces, etc.


Intelliware delivers large-scale projects using Extreme Programming and Agile practices.  Staff become involved with running the Toronto Extreme Programming/Agile users group.


Intelliware sponsors and plays key role in organizing the first-ever Toronto Agile Community Conference (then known as Agile Tour Toronto)


Intelliware celebrates its 30th year in business, and 20th year doing Agile.

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We’ve been a pioneer in Agile and Lean software development since 2000.

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