Agile Adoption Services

Break down big problems into simple solutions.
Start with the risky parts.
Test continuously.
Adopt Agile practices as part of your corporate culture.
Transform your technical culture with Agile adoption services.

Banks that apply Agile methodologies to less than a quarter of their projects deliver 70% of projects on budget and 55% on time. In contrast, banks that use Agile in more than half of their projects deliver 96% of projects on budget and 79% on time.

– McKinsey & Company

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Agile Process Veterans

Many application developers claim to work with agility, but we’re one of the few that have been involved with the Agile process movement since it started. When the world of business changes as quickly as technology evolves, you need to be Agile to keep up.

Our Agile Journey

Helping You Adopt Agile

Over and above just building software, many clients ask us to help them better their own technical competencies, Agile practices, and productivity. By co-teaming, clients’ in-house development teams learn hands-on best practices software development.


Start a review of the client’s practices, resources, technology landscape, and documentation. Stakeholder interviews are integral.


Develop a unique Agile adoption plan that accounts for everything, including a training schedule and resource requirements.


Implement the training schedule. Transfer knowledge, starting with the core concepts and practices of Agile, including rituals.


Use internal co-team(s) as a pilot project. Iterate and demonstrate the effectiveness of the Agile approach together.


Ensure our methodology remains embedded in your organization. We establish a Centre of Excellence at the heart of your company.

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Co-teaming with client-side teammates

Developing an Agile mindset and culture takes time and discipline. Co-teaming accelerates this behavioural change by partnering in-house dev teams with seasoned Agile practitioners. Following Agile development principles for close to 20 years with substantive success, we’ve learned how to train developers to follow Agile best practices.

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